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Birthdate:Dec 16, 1993

Oliver Sterling used to be this ordinary kid.

Ordinary. At least for someone who didn't have many friends, dropped out of school, and spent a lot of time either online, in the bookstore or the library reading about politics and conspiracies and woodworking, that is.

One night, he and his best friend [who would tell you he was only Oliver's friend because he was gifted with an obscene amount of patience for someone his age] Curtis Rutherford were out cruising the backwoods of their home state, looking for something. Well, Oliver was looking. Curtis, having both car and licence, was driving his friend out in the woods while complaining about how he should've had more sense to stay home, instead of chasing another one of Oliver's conspiracy tales.

A tale about wild animals. Dangerous animals. And Oliver naturally believed the government was both conducting experiments out in the backwoods while trying very hard to cover it up.

Sometime after midnight, their car struck some sort of animal. Oliver wanted to check it out. Curtis insisted upon staying inside until morning, when they could call for a tow truck to get them.

It didn't end up that way.

Both of them woke up the next morning, in a hospital, a long ways from the accident. Both were covered in scratches and bruises, and in Oliver's case, bite marks.

Curtis insisted it was probably a bear they'd hit.

Kept insisting. Until a month later.

Curtis was almost lucky that night. He'd managed to get Oliver shut tight where he couldn't hurt anyone while he was transformed, but not before Curtis sustained several bites himself.

Now the two are stuck in some town, trying to get out, trying to warn people about what's going on.

But how do you get the evidence out without it killing someone in the process?

Character info.

Age: 17 [it's 2010 for him (can be present-day if necessary)]
Height: 5'8.5"
Weight: 130lbs
Hair colour: ginger brown
Eyes: blue
Distinguishing marks: birthmark on his right hip [dark irregular spot no bigger than a dime]; scarred-over bite and scratch marks
School: dropped out at 15
Interests: woodworking, government, politics, government/political conspiracies [in short, if it's something people think the government is behind, he believes it], reading, computers, internet, trying not to get people killed by his wolf
Born: Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada; moved with his parents to Albany, NY when he was two.
Lives: Elkhorn, NY
Siblings: two older sisters
Other relatives: two aunts and an uncle on his mother's side; one aunt on his father's side; grandparents on both sides; seven cousins on his mother's side; three cousins on his father's side

Werewolf stats.

Height: 6'10"
Weight: 360lbs
Fur colour: typical grey wolf colours
Eyes: yellow
Build: bipedal, sort of like a crinos werewolf, though more wolflike than average.
Sect: Farheimnis
Pack: none
Rank: omega

Daemon!version: has a hooded crow named "Risha".

[Inspired in large part by DeviantArt's Moontouched art challenge group, though not officially connected with the game.

Oliver Sterling, Curtis Rutherford, and any other characters not in Moontouched are the intellectual property of J. M. Waugh, and are not meant to represent anyone real or fictional; alive or dead or transformed.

Any profit from this is also not intended, but would be nice.]
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